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The Manufacturing Process For Non-Woven Fabrics Of Needle Punching




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Shoou Shyng Machinery has dedicated themselves to the design, development, and manufacturing of various types of needleloom(s) in accordance with world trends in the industry and to fulfill client requirements. Today, we provide our customers with the following characteristics which allow us to offer needlelooms of the highest technical specifications and quality, while maintaining a low capital cost and with the shortest recovery of the investment.

(1)   Demonstration lines

 In our plant we maintain a number of different models for customers to test their materials and we can also produce samples for them. The models we present in our lab are as follows:

(A) SNP,SUP pre-needle and finish needle punch

(B) SUN double-side finish needle punch

(C) SLP-3.0 mmloop needle punch

(D) SVP random velour needleloom.

Our loom applications are for all areas where needled nonwovens are a part of the production system. If clients can provide 50~100kgs of fibers then we at Shoou Shyng can carry out trials and provide samples for them.

Customers are welcome if they wish to come to our factory to attend the trials and see the machines in operation and we at Shoou Shyng welcome this direct personal involvement in the evaluation of our machinery. 

(2)   Samples, showroom, and software data

In our sample library room we have many variations of non-woven fabrics. It is therefore possible for us to provide a series of services including research, analysis, and manufacturing projections for our clients.

(3)   Experienced Engineers and Technicians

Our professional engineers and technicians all have more than 15 years experience not only constructing machines in our plant but also through their many experiences traveling to all parts of the world to install our equipment.

By use of these engineers we are able to offer speedy, reliable and efficient installations at a cost lower than any of our competitors and due to our pre-delivery testing procedures, our installations are completed in the shortest possible time.

We have access to people experienced in running production plants in the nonwoven industry and using these we are able to offer the highest level of practical training available in this industry today.  Please consult with us for details of this.

(4)   Our production operations.

We have a factory with over 1200M2 of manufacturing space, with multiple high capacity tone cranes allowing us to handle extremely large needlelooms of heavy weights.

(5)   More than 30 years experience

Up to this present day we have sold a total of over 1,000 sets of various types of looms worldwide. Our experienced engineers and technicians are able to provide the most advanced technology for any application or operation in what ever factory it may be needed.

(6)   Safety Regulation

Shoou Shyng Machinery Ltd. carries many Safety and Quality Certifications from various countries. We pass the strictly CE,UL,CAS and UL regulations. In addition, we are also fully recognized by Australia Safety and Taiwan CNS.

(7)   Operation manual

In order to provide our clients detailed information about our looms we offer operation manuals in Chinese, English, and Japanese or other languages as required. 

(8)   New functions of Shoou Shyng 2006 needle punching machines

  1. a.      Solid and Strong Machine basic design.

The machine itself is of extremely solid design, with high durability and with very low maintenance requirements.

We offer various types of looms according to the application and production requirements of the customer as follows:

Extreme Heavy Duty (EH type) : 100g/m2 ~2400g/m2

Heavy Duty (XH Type) : 100g/m2 ~1200g/m2

Standard (SH Type): 100g/m2 ~600g/m2

MH Type:100g/m2 ~300g/m2

  1. b.      “One Piece Structure” Main Drive Shaft

The unique “one piece structure” main drive shaft which is support by dual bearings supplies 100% symmetrical and synchronous balance. With a forced lubrication oiling system, the main drive shaft is perfect for heavy duty and long term operation.

  1. c.       Automatic Forced Lubrication

Automatic forced lubrication of all main bearings combined with unique protection devices assures that the machine will operate free from damage.

We adopted this technology over 30 years ago and we consider it to be an essential element of correct needleloom operation.

All of our needlelooms have automatic lubrication, temperature control, oil cooling, and oil filtration functions and all these special protective devices prevent machine damage in normal and continual operation.

  1. d.      Needle Beam.

The extremely solid design of the needle beam is used in conjunction with a special clamping system that insures the replacement of needle boards is quick and simple. The air-clamping device has a pressure protection and sensing system which will cause the loom to shut-down automatically when air pressure falls below a certain level.

There is also a safety system which will prevent the needleloom from running if the needle board is placed in the loom in the wrong direction.

  1. e.       Needle Board.

The needle boards are made by 2 layers of different materials to give extremely high strength and resistance to impaction. Shoou Shyng offers more than 30 different needle patterns for clients to choose from according to their individual needs and requirements.

  1. f.        Stripper Plate.

The thickness of the stripper plate is always more than8mmminimum thickness. Customers may select from several different types of stripper plates based on their individual requirements. We offer options such as: air-spray for cleaning during operation, and dust suction systems in standard and also stainless steel. Each hole on the stripper plate is manually finished by use of a cone grinding system.

  1. g.      Bed Plate.

A solid and accurately designed bed plate with a thickness of more than10mmis also finished off by use of a manual cone grinding and hard chromium plating system as standard. Customers also can add an air spray or dust suction system, and/or quick replace needle boards according to their demand.

  1. h.      Needle Depth.

All Shoou Shyng needlelooms are equipped with a unique needle penetration and stripper plate gap adjusting device allowing for the looms to be operated simply and precisely.

  1. i.        Loom Feeding Systems.

Shoou Shyng provides a variety of needleloom feeding systems which allow clients to choose a unit precisely suitable for their needs. We supply PA ,PC ,PE ,and PH types of feeding systems.

The upper and lower rollers are linked together and by matching with a PLC servo system which prevents material slippage, customers can control the needlelooms to achieve needling requirements precisely.

  1. j.        PLC.

An Intelligent PLC control system with a large memory function can maintain and save multi-data information.  

  1. k.      Anti-vibration

The complete machine construction is free of vibration, and requires no foundation which also provides for ease of installation. This unique design can help clients reduce their cost.

  1. l.        Dust cover.

A Completely sealed and isolated dust cover is used as protection against dust from a variety of fibers such as: ceramic fiber, carbon fiber, glass fiber, and re-generated fibers. Customers can specify this device according to their individual needs and requirements.

  1. m.    CE.

All Shoou Shyng looms are all furnished with the safety protection and warning devices which pass European CE Safety Certification.

Non-woven fabrics are now commonly used individually or as a component in multiple high technologies. Shoou Shyng maintains a concentration on the development of new looms with new features. We also continually cooperate with hundreds of our customers worldwide in seeking new advances in technology to fulfill their needs. With advanced and sophisticated testing we continue ceaselessly the study and development of new systems and design for our customers. Shoou Shyng produces all its looms precisely which enable our clients to decrease cost of investment, increase market competitiveness, and have their invested capital paid back sooner.

Remark: Standard quotations do not include above-mentioned special features.  Customers with special requirements should please confirm their wishes with our staff to insure a complete quotation.






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