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Pattern Needle Punching Machine
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Pattern Needle Punching Machine

Pattern Needle Punching Machine

Product ID: SPP-330

For pattern.
For floor,automative,wall coverings etc.


  • Working Widths:250 - 450cm(98 - 177 inch)
  • Stroke frequency:Max. 800 Strokes / min
  • Stroke:40 mm
  • Production speed:1 – 6 M/min
  • Number of needles:3550 - 8325 needles/1M working width
  • Lamella pitches:3,3.5,4,4.5,5.5,7 mm
  • The total machine construction is vibration free requiring no foundation and provision of ease of installation.
  • Automatic forced lubrication of all main bearings combined with unique protection devices assures freedom damage to the machine.
  • Stroke frequency and output speeds are displayed by LCD.
  • Needling density adjusted by control of strokes and PIV or motor controlled draw rolls.
  • Limit switches are utilized for safety of needleboard.Stripper and bedplate positions.
  • Removal and replacement of needleboards are quick and simple.
  • Stripper and bedplate adjustment have ac-curate and easy adjustment through driven screw jacks.
  • Safety covers on the machine transmis-sions protect from injuries.
  • Machine controls are provided on a separate station or integrated to your own line requirements.
  • The machine itself is of extremely solid design,durable with a very low maintenance requirement.The excellent design,engineering combined with use of precision high grade components and materials will give many years of trouble free operation.
  • The upper and lower boards may punch in either the same direction or opposite direction.
  • The depth of penetration is variable by lif-ting or lowering the crank case.
  • Patterning is achieved by mechanical lifting of the lamella controlled and monitored from the operator console.
  • Patterning is variable with freedom of design adjustment.
  • Feed rolls and outlet rolls are adjustable for gap and pressure to suit the material thickness.


Contact Detail

CEO:Mr. Wang Shoci-Chyuan
Address:No.558-1, Chung Cheng Rd., Xinzhuang district, New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C.
TEL:886-2-29012245~8 (4 Lines)